I’m new to QR Codes. Can you explain them?

Glad you asked! Here’s a few basics to get you started:

What is a QR Code?

QR Codes are two-dimensional patterns made up of black and white pixels, serving as a modernized version of barcodes. Originally developed by Denso Wave, a Japanese subsidiary of Toyota supplier Denso, they were created to streamline logistics processes in automobile production. In recent years, with the rise of smartphones, QR Codes have become increasingly popular in mobile marketing. The term "QR" stands for "Quick Response", indicating the rapid access to information embedded within the Code.

What are the advantages of using QR Codes?

QR Codes are becoming increasingly favored due to their versatility. They can serve multiple purposes such as obtaining customer feedback to enhance the quality of products or services, boosting customer engagement by providing access to images or videos, and promoting businesses through events or coupons. With just one scan, all of these tasks can be accomplished effortlessly.

Scanning QR Codes

How do I scan QR Codes?

The method of scanning QR Codes depends on your device, as some may have a pre-installed QR Code scanner or reader. Simply open the camera app on your mobile phone and hover it over the Code for a few seconds until a notification appears. In case this doesn't happen, verify if QR Code scanning is enabled in your settings. If the issue persists, you can install third-party QR Code readers from your app store to address the problem.

To scan QR codes, you generally need a device with a camera and a QR code scanner app probably like an android phone or smartphone. Follow these steps:

  • Open the QR code scanner app on your device. Some devices may have a built-in scanner in the camera app.
  • Point your camera at the QR code. Make sure that the code is within the frame and centered.
  • The scanner app should automatically detect the QR code and provide a prompt.
  • Follow the prompt to access the information or content associated with the QR code.